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Specialising in omnichannel marketing and customer experience, I develop bespoke capability solutions which aim to inspire, teach and drive application of modern marketing techniques.

Online workshop

Educational, with practical outputs

Using collaboration tools, such as Mural, to facilitate a unique and engaging live-action learning experience, with practical outputs aligned to business priorities. Topics include customer engagement planning, content strategy, operational effectiveness, social media marketing and more.

Online workshops

On-demand learning

Multi-format, for on-the-job application

Bringing to life existing company approaches & playbooks through bitesize learning pathways; including videos, exercises, assessments and downloadable on-the-job tools. I can work with existing in-house learning experience platforms or recommend new solutions.

On-deman learning

Online coaching

Develop skills, knowledge or performance

Supporting individuals or small groups to elevate priority performance & growth areas with cycles of short-term action planning, application windows and development conversations.

Online coaching
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