I'm a 'real-world' marketer, with 10+ years experience working with major pharmaceutical companies, startups & solopreneurs, implementing, advising & coaching in digital marketing.

Over the years as technology has advanced & consumer behaviour has evolved, I've seen many people get overwhelmed with trying to implement too much, too soon. We often try to jump onto the next trend, without qualifying 'what good looks like' for us and our mission.
My mission is to simplify marketing, to allow business owners and brand managers to focus their time on the things they love doing. I also want to show aspiring marketers how fun, fulfilling & impactful a career it could be, when done right.

Check out my blog aimed at helping readers turn marketing theory into action in under five minutes. It's pretty light-hearted, but I hope you get value from it.

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Whether you're an individual or team, I can help you

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From perfecting your website to mastering email marketing